The Chaine Soiree...

~hors d'oeuvre~
saba glazed pork belly, caramelized garlic, compressed granny smith apple

fresh belize shrimp salad, cara cara orange, heart of palm, meyer lemon
avocado parfait

This past Friday, we again had the opportunity to cook for about 70-something of some of the region's most well heeled, well versed diners around. This is a group of gourmands originally founded in Paris and part of an international gastronomic society who travel the world over to seriously dine and enjoy great wine in some of the best restaurants and with some of the best chefs. What an honor and a privilege to be called upon to enter that arena! Enter the Chaine des Rotisseurs. Since about 1200a.d., they have been doing so in such form and fashion to promote the importance and preservation of camaraderie of the table. Fast forward about 800 years and here I am, presenting our craft with an awesome team of cuisiniers and service to show our shit and cook from the heart. We are not strangers to the Chaine as we have been blessed for about a decade or so with being able to cook for them for various special soires and events. This was their annual induction dinner whereas a handful of new prospective members and many current ones gather to welcome in the new flava of the moment. It is very high profile, with very high expectations. After all...they have 8 centuries worth of history and of epic proportion to base them upon! The photos shot herein show a glimpse of our "own moment", standing for truth and honesty in cooking, and all about pushing ourselves to do our very best, giving our mentored crew, culinary students and young commis' as well as the kick-ass seasoned few, something to believe in. I believe we hit that mark and did just that. Now...if we could only surpass it. Probably never will be possible in this life time but that will not keep us from trying nonetheless. We feel and teach that things can always be better and more refined and that is why we don't stop our continued commitment towards excellence. Au revoir...

crudo of yuzu cured alaskan halibut, shiso, yuzu kosho, togarashi

silky lobster "cappuccinos", ginger-anise milk, fennel pollen

~amuse du soire~
chilled english pea "boisson"
coral profiterole, dungeness crab- compressed cantaloupe melon skewer, carrot gelee
and micro cilantro

honey bunches of oats crusted foie gras
poached rhubarb, hazelnuts, cacao nibs, rhubarb gastric, bulls blood
navarro gewurztraminer "glass"

"garden treasures" asparagus salad
warm morels, cuttlefish "tagliatelle" sous vide, duck egg drops
lemon-parsley "panzanella", bergamot dressing

roasted columbia river sturgeon & veal cheek ravioli
braised ramps, peas, spring garlic jus, crisp shallots and carrot oil

~bouche revigorant~
riesling gelee, caramelized pineapple, melon granite

slow cooked loin of lamb

carrot creamed nettles, king trumpet mushrooms, fava beans
thumbelina carrots, trampetti olive oil and a heady truffle sauce

valrhona jivara lactee "pave", house preserved bing cherries, bacon caramel

earl grey ice cream, caramel anglaise, spice tuile and cocoa croquant


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