Random Thoughts on Food (part 2)...

spice crusted moularde duck
parsnip puree, sweet garlic, baby turnips, huckleberry essence

To re-enter where I left off, this was part of a succession of tastes that took place within a couple week span, made up of various ingredients, a handful of chef's tables and events, a multitude of moods and vibes and a simple visionary mission to create tasty dishes for anyone who will care to be at our mercy to indulge in such a feat. Some of the preparations and presentations are spin-offs and redo's of a prior, some are new and unprecedented and then there are those that perhaps have just been lurking in the shadows of my mind waiting to be unleashed without me even knowing it. Cool shit. Hope you find enjoyment in them...
mango & ahi tuna tartare
soy-ginger aioli, radish-chervil salad, crispy potatoes, lobster roe
roulade of dungeness crab, avocado and mango
paddlefish caviar, cucumber, lobster roe-champagne sabayon, tomato powder

seared diver scallop salad

sweetbreads, frisee, truffles, duck egg "caviar", truffle dressing

alternate preparation

searing foie gras of dish below...

honey bunches of oats/hazelnuts/cacao nib crusted foie gras

confit of pears, blood oranges, cherry pickling juice caramel

braised hake

leeks, lobster, nettle puree, grated marcona almonds, jus de poisson

smoked salmon ravioli, creamy horseradish potatoes, apples, beet oil

coffee & cepe crusted lamb loin

parsnip puree, corn-carrot agnolottis, pearl onions, artichokes, yellowfoot chanterelles


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