Random Thoughts on Food (part 1)...

BBQ'd "Lobbi-Pops"
maine lobster, avocado, spicy pomegranate-citrus sauce, chives

Warm Maine Lobster "Burger"
avocado, blood orange bbq glaze, sturgeon caviar, brioche, cilantro

here are a handful of dishes, hand-crafted in our kitchen that showcase the ideas and thoughts "of-the-moment". This approach is redolent in any top-notch kitchen that are excited about food and cooking. If they are not, why bother? This is not to say that these dishes are any better or worse than them, just namely different. Another perspective on goodness. Enjoy...

quail galantine, truffles, balsamic

pear-parsnip quenelle, potato gaufrette

silky wild mushroom -truffle "cappuccino"

tartare of black bass, pummelo, potato, paddlefish caviar, lobster roe sabayon

a tasting of stuffed pasta...

corn agnolotti, carrot dough, braised carrots

butternut-squid ink mezzaluna, leeks

beet & goat cheese tortellini, portobellos

syrah braised painted hills shortribs, anson mills grits, caramelized onions

artichokes and valrhona manjari-mustard cuisson


Blogger rho said...

The tartare of black bass looks yummy! The "tasting of pasta" is very interesting. Great pictures as always.

9:27:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

HI Rho...good to hear from you. The food shots came out good, and the dishes even better! Very nice tasting pairings. I have about almost a dozen more to post. Stay tuned for more goodness. Hope all is going well in the UK. Best as always, BIll

9:43:00 AM  

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