Chef's Table with Special Guests...

We are graced a handful of times a month with the presence of some very special people whom come to dine at the chef's table. This week, we had once again, our guests from Venice, Italy...Lino & Lina Tagliapietra, a master glass blower(think Chihuly, yet with a totally different charisma). We knew they were bringing some fab wines with hopes of pairing them up to some tasty food. You're on we said! Without even really trying to serve up some humble Italian fare as an homage to our guests, the dishes and ingredients just came to fruition by themselves, almost as if the menu drove and guided itself. The flavors and compositions were amazing. Here is what took place...
house cured salumi, jams, olives
Maine Lobster, Blood Oranges, Avocado, Golden Caviar, Blood Orange Gel
Lobster-Vanilla Oil
~Foie Gras 2 Ways~
Seared Pave, Preserved Rhubarb, Mosto Cotto, Pistachios, Crisp Potatoes
Foie Gras & Tapioca filled Tortellini, Granny Smith Apples, Olive Oil

~Risotto Nero~
Seared Scallop, Cuttlefish Ink Carnaroli, Cuttlefish, Bacon, Pecorino

~Grilled & Marinated Swordfish~
Goat Cheese-Olive Oil-Chive Potato Puree, Saffron Glazed Cipolline Onions
Black Olive Aioli, Green Olive-Lemon-herb Composure

~Pineapple Smoothie~
Fennel Pollen, Fleur de Sel

~Pan Roasted Quail~
Creamy Polenta, Braised Salsify, Truffles, Cornbread-Cranberry Gremolata

~Syrah Braised Short Ribs~

Yellowfoot Chanterelles, Oca, Root Vegetables, Huckleberry-Chocolate Essence

~A Tasting of Artisan Cheeses~

Hazelnut Crusted Vermont Butter & Cheese "Bijou", Truffled Apricot Conserve

Crisp Shallot encased Pt. Reyes Bleu "Truffle", Golden Raisin Puree

Shaved Rembrandt Aged Gouda, Carameled Pear, Sea Salt


earl grey chocolate, macaroon sandwiches, zeppole


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