Eye Candy for Foodies...

This link:

is a slide show of the all the food and action shots taken by our professional camera diva;
Rina Jordan who was on hand to capture the moment at Crush last month during the 5th Anniversary Guest Chef Dinner(see February post for story). She had taken a plethora of "up-close-and-personal" shots while the chefs worked and played, the servers delivered, the somms poured and the guests enjoyed! What a night. It was an awesome experience and the story could not have been told better by looking at all the wonderful and passionate shots taken by Rina. She was able to seize the experience in a moment, and bring forward the emotion and "flavor" of what was unveiling as it happened. She was right in there like one of the chefs...knee deep in the shit, getting busy with her craft just as we were with ours. It was inspiring to say the least. If there is one other thing I enjoy other than writing about food is photographing it. Check out the link to Rina's work...you will not be disappointed! Also, check out her web site and I encourage anyone looking for a professional photographer with a passion and eye for food, she is your girl!


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