Foie Gras Tart...

Here is a new dish I created for a chef's table last week. Normally, I do not just write about one particular dish on this site(saved for thedigitalkitchen) but the flavors were so warm, inviting and unctuous, that I felt compelled to do so. The dish seems to have a lot of room to grow and also a mind of it's own, in that, it seems to creep in flavor as it is being plated. The bananas strengthen in deepness, the foie gras becomes richer and more savory with it's individual umami flaunting itself as the flesh is seared and resting on the tart. The flavors of the short dough; made of vadouvan...a play on Indian curry spices, intensify as it is warmed through, the onions and figs unite as a harmony of tastes, which are all bound together by the Abbamele Honey Caramel...damn that was tasty! Fun to just think about it, luscious in every sense of the word.


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