Gypsy 08'...Recaptured...

And so it was...the final soiree. A voyage to the end of an era from the wild~ or at least of a series. This was it, as I was one of and the first of the last handful of chef's to be able to prepare and present their craft to some of the finest foodies and ingredient gurus of the Emerald City in a forum we have come to know and love, or hate as Gypsy. As I had mentioned in my last post featuring my proposed menu, this was to be my fourth appearance before the cloak and daggered diner. An opportunity to cut loose and create without inhibitions in this clandestine culinary atelier as it has waxed on through time...a food junkies workshop for the addictive and obsessed if you will. All of my gigs at Gypsy have been awesome in my mind, and I am truly hopeful that is has been in the minds of those that I have cooked for and in those that I had brought along for the cooking with me.
Perhaps, and with any such luck, I have left a small sense of unique profoundness upon those certain individuals along with leaving them with an open mind towards cooking filled with passion. One could only surmise. Enter the menu...Before you; lie photos of the menu, both literally and figuratively of what was to become probably my most favorite of the fab four. It went very smooth. My team was sharp. The service on the mark. Gabe worked his magic. Alex, Kat and Jazz all kicking ass. The food, well...all I care to offer on my own behalf is that I wish I could have been a guest, in spite of a missed foam of castelvetrano green olive. Shit happens right???

spicy popcorn, fig-chevre-olive skewers, tempura sea beans

"3 eggs in 1"
lobster, sturgeon caviar, poached quail egg, yuzu sabayon

crudo of yellow eye rockfish, compressed melon, tomato pickle, togarashi

indulgence of foie gras, peaches, mostarda, macaroons and cacao nibs

~frozen intermission~

spicy avocado and manjari
sesame-soy aioli and hot crispy calamari

seared scallop, beet-nectarine tapioca, orange cauliflower "cous cous", licorice butter

and tempura tuberous begonia

daurade & pork belly, moroccan spices, organic carrot oblique, crunchy quinoa
arugula-lemon pesto

~intermission part 2"~

compressed apples, fennel, yogurt powder, elderflower-douglas fir essence

slow roasted lamb, truffles, chanterelles, caramelized garlic, anise hyssop jus

syrah braised painted hills short rib

bacon-argan mash, corn, figs, lobster mushrooms and smoked olive oil

~more indulgence~
milk chocolate-foie gras "bon bon", walnut sponge, peach tartare, blackberry coulis, salted caramel powder, trockenbeerenauslese drizzle and rose geranium ice cream

what did not make the photo op was the mignardise...
we just simply fell into the moment and forgot about the camera all together!
They were as follows~
Spanish Olive Oil Chocolates
Salted White Chocolate Caramels
Rose Macaroon-Lavender Mascarpone Sandwiches
Heirloom Tomato-Bacon Jellies

in a word...damn good! (ok...maybe two)


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