Salumi Fest 2008...

our award winning Wine Cured Tuscan Salami
Spicy Pork Sopressata
Molasses & Bourbon Cured Prosciutto

The 2nd Annual "smack-down" of locally produced, nurtured and handcrafted forms of salumi by various artisans in Seattle proved to be a very satisfying outing for us. Our showing of our craft stood strong and proud amongst the dry cured provisions lying on the slab, waiting to be judged by Armandino & Gina Batali and their cohorts. Last year, (the first of it's type in Seattle) the competition caught us off guard and blindsided as we did not have time to really put something together in time, and what we had, had been drying for more than they should have been. We had also been struggling with a lot of humidity issues, over-drying, case hardening and such. Our flavors were awesome. Our technique sound and solid and process was stellar. Our environment was the culprit. For this year, we had planned accordingly and worked on the surroundings.
Worked on bringing in more humidity, planned a schedule that provided for optimum conditions and steered the course and stood steadfast on our mission of giving the competition a run for their money. We did. We took the top designation for professionals. What an honor it was to not only see our products lined up like well polished soldiers looking awesome next to the others, where there was some good competition, but to hear our name called as the winner of the event in front of the crowd attending the Italiafest. Jim and Alex and I were stoked. How cool was that! Jim and I had worked hard at building the control... the refined factors that can and do control the destiny of the salumi, and is what one will use as a guideline and basis for all future missions into the artisanal dry cured arena. It is how we gauge our attempts, our success and our failures as craftsmen. Talking with Armandino and Gina Batali about our products, our processes and environments and hearing their responses and feedback to our questions proved to be invaluable last year and even more-so now for our future as the information and comments from these professionals and leaders of the trade is a priceless tool in which we will use to move forward and grow from to continue to forge ahead in our commitment in the dry cured art of salumi production. As we await our next batch of aging charcuterie, we sit anxiously in content, while we honor and worship the golden pig! Here is to the support of the slow food movement!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats gents! look at that beautiful Pig. I am so glad to see you perfecting the program. keep up the good work.

-M. Farrer

6:29:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Thanks M....it has been a great year for salumi in Seattle! Some great feedback was obtained and serious flavor became of the optimum humidity and use of bactoferm! Now time to build a room. Hope to chat soon. cuisinier...

7:44:00 PM  

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