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Last Friday, we went to a local hangout for foodies, a restaurant named Joule, for my birthday. The gourmand outing was inspired by a simple taste that was had at a guest chef benefit I was involved in a couple weeks ago. A simple taste it was...a tasty, slightly spicy quenelle of venison tartare, adorned with chilies, mustard seeds(I believe), spices and savory nuances, sitting gracefully atop a marinated pear disk, sitting on a spoon. It was one bite. No unnecessary frills, no shit ingredients, just good, solid execution and taste. I had heard of Joule a couple times over the last six months, read a couple good reviews in the local papers and it was recommended by a several colleagues. I knew I had to go, it is always just a task getting to all of the new places that open alongside a busy work schedule. Rachel Yang and her husband/business partner; Sief Chirchi, have made a good name for themselves in just a short time in Seattle. They opened Coupage(now defunct I have heard), a small Korean inspired eatery in Madison Park with owner Tom Hurley with great reviews, and some of their pedigree shows that the two met while working at Alain Ducasse in New York and Rachel also logged time at Thomas Keller's Per Se. I figured I would meet them soon and with high expectations. I was sure they would deliver. They did. That focus on tecnhique and attention to detail was evident in their cooking. We ordered many things from the menu, and yet even with some complimentary bites sent out to us gratis from the kitchen, there is still many things yet to be discovered and enjoyed for another visit or two without feeling like we had "been there, done that". Everything we ordered and tasted was honestly wonderful. It tasted very good and was served in the most comforting manner. Not a stuffy or overly formal style place, yet a welcoming and enticing hangout for the lovers of good food and all things tasty. Very approachable and soothing. There was not one thing I felt lacking in technique or execution. Flavor was awesome and seasoning with the exception of one dish(side of spinach a bit salty) was stellar. Listed below was the outlay of our culinary journey of a fusion of tastes in a place where everyone should check out.


Chilled Seafood Salad, with shrimp, calamari, octopus, radishes and a sweet chili dressing (tasty, refreshing and light)

Wild Boar Bacon with red onions, corn and charred nuances (the boar rocked! smokey, sweet and savory. a nice bold flavored dish to start off)

Heirloom Tomato "Bloody Mary" Salad, a nice refreshing composure with arugula, baby heirloom tomatoes and olive oil (very light and tasty. simple and good)


Lasagna with shiitake, caramelized bleu d'avergne (served as a side with streusel over top. my favorite of the sides. rich, tasty and savory. fall is here!)

Crispy Kalamata Olive Gnocchi, with toasted almonds, sweet peppers and olive oil (a subtle taste of olives embedded in the gnocchi. could eat a bowl full)

Cornbread with preserved garlic, smoked gouda and herbs (this was hella cool. a very moist and succulent version with a savory body)

Creamed Spinach with hazelnut salt and sweet cream (nice and full flavored, yet still subtle. A bit too much salt)

Roasted Cauliflower with brown butter and herbs (awesome and so simple)

Zucchini-Shrimp Pancakes (herbed and pan cooked. shrimp embedded inside. toasty and rich)


Madagascar Prawns, vanilla mayonnaise, candied walnuts (huge and plump. tasty and sweet. moist and luscious. grilled for a hint of char)

Bison Hangar, garlic chive chimichurri, preserved garlic (very robust. chimichurri was awesome with the bison. perfectly cooked, and tasty)

Wild Boar Spare Ribs, spicy korean BBQ glaze, soy pickled turnip (again, the boar kicked ass! the glaze was spicy and full flavored. tender and ultra tasty. couldv'e had another plate full)


although my lovely better half brought me a surprise tiramisu for dessert, the team sent us out scoops of condensed milk ice cream and coffee essence along with it. Top that off with a very exquisite tasting French Press Pot of Lighthouse Roasters Coffee, and you have the makings for a remarkable evening. It was!

Lastly, they then sent out a small "wonton" spoon portion of the "Joule Box"; a soft and silky bouche of creamy tapioca pearls, caramelized ruby grapefruit, opal basil and lime. Awesome!


Blogger TC said...

I forgot, It's your birthday this month. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEF!

5:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the sunday barbecue at joule is da bomb, these chefs really blossomed after leaving hurley

11:45:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

anon...i will have to check that out. Thx. Didn't know them when at Hurley's, but only can imagine in a better place.

9:42:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

tc...thanks. It's weird to think that I do not even feel old. Cooking, my kids and my wonderful wife keep me vibrant!

9:44:00 AM  

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