Gypsy Experience 8.6...

yes...you figured right. Gypsy as we know is 86'd! What a shitty deal. There are currently lot's of back lashing and throwing mud in the faces of the founders of the culinary treat that we knew. People need to get a damn clue and a life! I know that there are many views on their practices and business model, but that is based on personal and emotional preference and thought. Were there some potentially sub-standard practices and methods in which they ran their business...perhaps, yet I challenge each and every person to take a good close look into their own businesses and lives and ask themselves are they on the up & up?!? To each their own I guess. It is a shame and very disappointing that something like Gypsy, which can be so great to many people is now lost. I will forever miss the times cooking, sharing, experimenting, mentoring, teaching, exploring, researching, learning and enjoying them while fueling my passion. To Gabe and family...I wish you all the best!


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