The Anti-Griddle...

"Key Lime Pie" Intermezzos

Savory Key Lime Sodas/Salted Graham Cracker-Honey-Creme Fraiche Lollipops

The start of a Hot, Chilled and Frozen Snack...

Ginger-Soy Aioli/Celery Root Remoulade/Smoked Paprika Dust/Fried Lemon Scented Calamari

One of the new things that have been inspiring to work with and interesting as well is the Anti Griddle from Poly Science. It is currently on loan from a good friend. It has definitely inspired me to purchase one. It has although seemingly a small window of usage, it has limitless possibilities within that realm. We plan to use this as a marketing tool for our banquet operations, a very integral and interactive component for our chef's table and for special signature hors d'oeuvres in a progressive state...which with some thought provoking adaptation, will make it's way into the upcoming Foie Gras Guest Chef's Dinner at Rover's that I will be cooking at next month. It is a concept that reverses the normal act of cooking on a griddle somewhat, in that it freezes, rather than cooks by heat. It has as you can see, a flat frozen surface that allows one to produce a frozen exterior while maintaining a creamy or semi-custardy interior. It makes for a unique and exciting textural experience. We are by no means at the end of our journey with experimentation and flavor explorations. This is only the beginning.


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