To Taste at the Chef's Table...

Moularde Duck Salad/Lobster Cous Cous/Tatsoi/Pears/Mostarda/French Breakfast Radishes

Alaskan Halibut/Squab Breast/Wild Rice-Corn-Truffle Salpicon/Miners Lettuce/Honshimejii

What a difference an awesome camera can make! Being there at the right and opportune moment as the minutia is taking place. Sometimes we miss them. It has happened over and over again. If I had a dollar for every dish and idea that left the kitchen without a snapshot and wishing I had. The memory remains only in my mind. No doubt there are many that have long been forgotten. Perhaps they will resurface and become reincarnated as a juxtaposition of new thoughts and tastes, yet all within the same realm, on a slightly different canvas, on a much different plane and level of infrastructure?!?...Nonetheless...we keep moving forward, hopefully anyway. We must continue to push ourselves and each other to be able to do this effectively though, otherwise we get stagnant and old. Boring. Dead. Forgotten. Here is a glimpse of those developmental moments captured by the fast blink of a camera eye and click of the shutter. Look...think...contemplate...imagine...get inspired!
Foie Gras Terrine/Rhubarb/Almond Milk Sherbet/Pickled Radishes/Sherry Vinaigrette
Grilled Hawaiian Swordfish/Controne Beans/Clams/RC Jamon/Sorrel/Bottarga/Rapini
Broiled Spanish Sardines/Marcona Almonds/Crystal Lettuce/Duck Prosciutto/PX-Blood Orange Olive Oil Infusion

Coriander Crusted Monkfish/Caramelized Garlic/Garlic Foam/Celery Root/Fennel


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