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We have been processing, curing and aging prosciuttos for some time now. Some with good results, some are so so, some with utter extraordinary tastes and texture. I have narrowed it down to the humidity levels at a given time of year, the quality of the hogs and the time it has allowed to ferment, age and mature. Of late, we have changed course for a new heading in the art. Not deviating too much, yet enough navigation to make a difference and cause us to stand and take notice! I have dubbed this new style our own "Jamon", in the style and honor of the Spanish Serrano and Iberico hams. Simply phenomenol. Now I do not claim nor boast that mine is as good as those multiple century old traditional masterpices, yet, I am very proud and excited about the possibilities. The cure we have been working on and formulating is a smoked maple cure. After 1 month of curing and 9 months of aging, it still can take another 6 months or so, but the flavor and texture are awesome! We have several other cures working as well and I hope to be able to have significant results and differences to write about in the coming months. Here is a dish that we put together for a chef's table tasting...


Blogger TC said...

WOW CHEF! I'm glad to see that you are having such sucess with the proscuitto. JAMON!
If you still have some of the Golden Beet Vodka next time I come by, I'd love to taste a sip. It sounds awesome.How's the New Year treating you? Sounds good so far.
Your Vegetable Menu sounds really good. I'm gonna have to cook some for my Dad. He's had to become a vegan because of his health.
Chat at you soon.

5:00:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi T...it is all still very much a learning process. Just when you think you have it nailed, you find out something new. New directions to explore. New dimensions to discover. New tastes to develop. The beet vodka is cool.

1:38:00 PM  
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