Sydney, day 6...

after another morning episode of the day past, and another cappuccino, pain au chocolat, beautifully ripe melon and some halfway decent bleu, we ventured out again into the urban jungle to see what we could find. Unfortunately, most shops and eateries were closed, with the only ones open were either more "tourist-nazi" safe havens or something too much of a repetitive resemblance of my past discoveries. As it were, we ended up catching some "Mexican influences" at a local cafe. Marginal, yet satisfying and tasty. It fit the bill of serving the empty stomach and light headedness of not eating all day. After some healthy downtime immersed in the Nasty Bits, catching parts of more rugby or soccer and fear factor, and watching a thunder and lightning storm roll in, I decided to venture out into the night to find some new food, new inspirations and new hope. We'll see.


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