Degustation Series 02.12.07...

If we have cooked for these guests once, we have cooked for them hundreds of times over and again. They love us, and us them. They grace us with their presence at the chef's table as well as practically every club event that we care to offer. They are truly one of my followers, my foodies, my culinary groupies! I might not have the media knocking on my door due to the private club stigma, but I have a cluster of well-traveled, well culinary educated folks that are devoted fans. That is one of the key reasons why I have stayed this course as long as I have...(think decade plus!) Whenever these gracious and wonderful people call me to dine, it gets us giddy about the ideas of new thoughts and ideas in food. Here is the impromptu menu below. I hope you become as inspired as we were cooking it! Sorry, camera was left in the car. Enjoy...cuisinier.
Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Tartare
Yuzu Pickled Watermelon Radish, Savory Avocado Ice Cream, American Sturgeon Caviar
Fennel and Micro Mauve Radish Sprouts
Fregola Sarda "Porridge"
Truffles, Duck Confit, Duck Jus and a Micro Rainbow Spinach "Salad"
Hudson Valley Foie Gras "Charlotte"
Sauteed Quince, Caramelized Onions, Spice Cake, Chili Potato Puree
and Cocoa Milk Foam
Pan Roasted Arctic Char and Grilled Carolina Sweet Prawn
Carrot-Vanilla Puree, Shallot Conserve, Chorizo Dust, Micro Celery and Smoked Corn Emulsion
Verjus-Lime Soda, Salted Melon Lollipop, Coconut Foam, Smoked Bacon Powder
Breast of Squab & Goujonnette of Sole
Crispy Squab Confit, Black Venere "Fried" Rice, Spinach and Smoked Valrhona Essence
Herb Crusted Cap of Veal Loin
Mixed Demi Root Hash, Squash Cake Croutons, Wild Mushrooms and Huckleberry Jus
Chocolate-Banana Charlotte, Rosemary Pears, Pistachio Gelato
Macchiatto Brulee, Raspberry "Polenta" and Earl Grey Sherbet
Pine Nut Tart, Poached Kumquats
Fennel Meringues, Raspberry Bon Bons, Macaroons and Salted Caramels


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