Sydney, day 4...

The day started out early with a walk to the ever popular Sydney Fish Market. Not as bountiful as the Pike Place Market in Seattle, yet attractive and exciting just the same. This trip turned out to be all about the ingredients. One stop in the market in particular; Blackwattle Deli, became a favorite from the get-go with it's lengthy artisanal cheese counter, stocked full of local fare as well it's French and Italian contemporaries. We tried several from Adelaide, New South Wales (NSW) and Western Australia. Woodbridge Farms had a nice array of Camemberts, Triple creams and Goat Cheeses. This shop also sports some very interesting boutique products from many local producers. First up...Olive Oil. I sampled two of interest; one, a silver medal winner from Wagga Wagga(NSW) called Wollundry Grove, which is grassy, herbaceous and quite bold in flavor, and another organic variety from Preston Valley in Perth, Western AU named Kailis. Next was "signature series" condiment from Tetsuya Wakuda- a black truffle "salsa" as it is dubbed, but really a spread or something perhaps to be whipped into a sauce a'la minute laden with porcini, olives, truffles, anchovies and evoo. I will need to try this when we get back home. Then I purchased some organic Woolloomooloo whole bean coffee, a mainstay with the regulars. Some locally made Macadamia Nut Honey, Caramelized Honeycomb Chocolate and Banana-Chocolate Pastry treats proved to be quite exciting as well. Next up was some unique and tantalizing spice rubs produced in Victoria and NSW. One, a variety of Dukkah of earlier mention and an "outback bbq" collection of an almost Morocco-meets-the Southwest" version. Ready to depart fully loaded with contraband, a small condiment caught my eye...a wonderful accoutrement for cheeses and charcuterie-a spiced pear with black pepper and lemon and a cabernet sauvignon blend from one of the top local artisanal producers in AU; Maggie Beer. there were a good solid handful of Asian ran fish stalls complete with many a variety of species, sizes and colors. Whole N.Z. Tai Snapper, Yellowtail, Kingfish, Octopus, calamari, Cod, Bream, Atlantic Salmon, Tasmanian Sea Trout, Oysters, Sword, Marlin and a plethora of Shrimp, Prawns, "Bugs" (or small slipper-style lobsters) from Balmain and Moreton Bay, as well as large Aussie Lobsters. There were beautiful Parrotfish, Barramundi and little spearfish. If I had the means of preparing them, I would have bought one of each! I guess I will surely have plenty of things for my fish monger to chase after. Lastly, we visited the Sydney Seafood School where they have many local chefs and celebs come to teach classes, give demos and taste new food combinations. The woman who runs the place; Roberta Muir, holding a degree in gastronomy, was gracious enough to give us a tour. Maybe I could squeeze in a demo before we depart to Brisbane-exciting notion but probably wishful thinking. Tonight- dinner @ Rockpool with Neil Perry!

Elsa's Story (banana-chocolate pastry bites)
DeliCasey's Chocolates (caramelized honeycomb chocolates and others)
Maggie Beer (pear and cab pastes)
Superbee Honey (australian macadamia nut honey)


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Your posts would be much easier for us to read if they were broken into paragraphs. As much as I love reading your thoughts, I am geting a bit lost. Any help?

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hi anon...the sentaces are not always supposed to be written in true correct form and sometimes meant to be run on, even if they are not. It is a picture of the moment and that is not always in correct form either. I also try to not have so much space. Thanks for the tip though. I will try and make sure I am making sense.

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