Sydney, day 2...

Clear skies and sunny. In a word...beautiful! As I have mentioned previously, the food in the "executive lounge" at the hotel, where no executive would probably ever eat, and is by no means of executive worthiness, is mediocre at best. And although I am in constant search of something better, not bigger or fancier mind you, just well prepared in an honest and heartfelt manner by someone other than corporate America! After only two days, this is starting to grow on me. It is serving a medial purpose of energy and sustenance to propel me out into the day. Enough said. After a marginal-at-best workout in the gym, I became thoroughly immersed in Bordain's "The Nasty Bits" while my boys swam and displayed childly behavior(naturally) for the better of a couple of hours. It seems weird writing things that I or my team are not cooking. The mere fact that I am not in the kitchen is seemingly void of truth and honor. Yet I suppose, it is on trips and excursions of this nature that encourages,~ in fact it drives the search for inspirations of the new and ideas to keep things interesting for those back "home" in our kitchens when we return. Next on the horizon...food experiences to be found and had. After hours of walking past numerous tourist magnets, intriguing architecture and a cool drink bar called Minus 5, which sports an extremely unique lounge made up of hand carved furniture, glassware, tables and the sort made of huge blocks of ice, where they dress you in garb to the likes of the North Face and you sit in an almost sub-zero climate nursing your favorite libation,... I came across a very tasty sandwich, made fresh to order by some local hipsters. It was a Moroccan flavored and influenced Roasted Lamb and Chicken(they ran out of the lamb) concoction with some spice rubbed grilled eggplant, grilled sweet potatoes, peppers, arugula and savory minted yogurt on a freshly baked Turkish "ciabatta style" loaf. Chased down with an organic sparkling under-age version of a passion fruit-orange blended seltzer, it was an awesomely welcomed departure from Subway! As for later night eats...we laid low, had some greasy chicken and burgers, as well as a pulled pork standby that was definitely not my most favorite, all dripping with sauces and moisture that made for an easy night. Sushi is in my sights.


Anonymous angelchef said...

Sounds likemgood time is being had by all.So far iit seems like alot off the food has some morraccon influence. How is the aussie cooking different for here? I would think that it would be more asia or indian inffluences. Check in tomorrow.

3:20:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

hi angel...lots of asian everywhere. Sushi is totally abundant. Northern African is fluent as well. Local modern aussie cooking is coming through nicely in some places. in a coupel days, I will be dinign at rockpool which should prove to be spectaular. I could not get into Tetsuya. All in all, great!

3:33:00 AM  
Blogger Rhodora said...

Sounds so far so good chef! I'm looking forward to your stories of "bushfood" discoveries and encounters; interesting fruits and animals to be had! The one thing I've always wanted to try is their fruit, Quandong. Is it plentiful and easily accessible like apples or grapes are to us? Anyway, we miss you chef but glad to know you are having the best time. Happy summer!!

10:22:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi Rho, things are great here. I will be writing the next two days. I will pursue the Quandong. So far, have not found obscure ingredients, yet tasty items of aready known origin. Will sty in touch. Thanks, and much appreciation for keeping the fort moving forward. Best, Chef M.

4:31:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

hi rho, so far the only thing I could gather about quandong is that it is a tree with fruit that that is edible. Still looking. Bushfood... about the only item I have encountered is dried kangaroo. I am bringing some back so we can all taste it.

11:46:00 PM  
Blogger rho said...

hi chef...looking forward to dried kangaroo!!! see you soon.

9:23:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

hi rho...manana it is! Don't let me forget.

7:46:00 PM  

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