Tasting Menu Dishes...

Warm Maine Lobster Salad
White, Green Asparagus, Chevre des Cremiers, Morels, Miner's Lettuce,
and a Warm Truffle Dressing

a couple days ago, we did a tasting menu for a wonderful couple who are always an inspiration to see and to cook for. I can not stress enough that if you love what you do, it will show in your work...and, if there are guests that truly enjoy what you create, put your whole heart and soul into it. I snapped off a few shots of a couple dishes, but unfortunately, did not get the rest as we were quite swamped. So, the rest remains but a memory, but the memory remains nonetheless! Here are the two dishes that were not only fun to create, but exciting to see unfold as a creation, very flavorful and indicative of Spring. In the attempt to produce a menu that is worthy of our self and our craft and that is true to our commitment to keep exploring new ideas and flavors and to make it the best we can, we learn new things about ourselves. That is always the ultimate stimulation as a cook. So, for today...we keep cooking.

Citrus Scented Muscovy Duck Sous Vide
French Green Lentils, Slow Cooked Turnips & Fennel,
Meyer Lemon-Castelvetrano Olive-Parsley Salad


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