Guest Chef at the Fairmont Hotel...

Chilled Sweet Shrimp Flutes
Citrus, Golden Caviar, Lobster-Vanilla Vinaigrette/Cool Coconut Puree
Hot Spicy Mango Foam/Black Olive Brittle

Frozen Spicy Avocado-Lobster Pops
Cinnamon-Anise infused Dark Chocolate/Murray River Sea Salt

earlier this week, I was invited to participate at a local event for a guest chef appearance. It was to be made up of 5 local chefs; the famous and ever-popular Thierry Rautureau from Rover's
Restaurant, where I spent a couple years as chef de cuisine before my current gig, Tom Hurly from Coupage in Madison Park, who I have just recently gotten to know, Gavin Stevenson, the Executive Chef presiding over the ranges at the Fairmont Hotel, the hosting property, my friend
Shiro-San who has oohed and aahed the populous in Seattle and beyond with his expertise in sushi at Shiro's in Belltown, which he has now sold most of his stake to another sushi family, and yours truly. It was hosted by a friend and associate who was looking to put on a spectacular soiree for some 100 conference attendees and colleagues. It was a smash hit for them.
For me, it was fun to participate, great to cook again with Thierry and the others and an honor to be associated with such practitioners of the craft. Here are some shots of the food we did.


Blogger TC said...

Did I read the post correctly Chef? You are now a part owner in Shiro's.
If I did congratulations!

11:50:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi T...no, you did nto read correctly, as I am not part owner. Shiro did sell off part of his stake to the current owners I believe of I Love Sushi, or at least the parent company of them. Still, a great dinner.

12:37:00 AM  

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