A Chef's Table Visit...

I had the great pleasure of cooking for some newly found foodies that are members of the club and great customers of ours. This was to be a special celebration for them, as they were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary as well as having their son and daughter-in-law in town. What does that mean for me you might ask??? Well, it means we have been charged with the awesome responsibility of making sure that we make them feel special and like there is simply no other place they would rather be dining at than in our "kitchen atelier", aka culinary studio, at the chef's table! What else could a chef ask for? I have no clue. If one doesn't reach nirvana on that, then I don't know what would. I am continually amazed at the euphoric sensory state I reach when our foodies, those who really enjoy good food and cooking, put themselves at our gustatory mercy. Here is a taste of the menu we served them for this extraordinary gathering in our humble abode...
Cellar Cured Salumi/Palmiers/Castelveltrano Olives/Paillettes
Maine Lobster "Chowder"
Corn/Potatoes/American Sturgeon Caviar/Lobster Foam
Rabbit-Bucatini-Morel Terrine
Truffle Oil/Fava Bean Tapenade/Chervil/Pedro Ximenez
Grilled Sweet Georgia Shrimp
Charred Sharlyn Melon/Arugula/Fennel/Trockenbeerenauslese
Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Spiced Banana Sponge/Hyppocraticum Jelly/Roasted Apriums/30 year-old Balsamic
Flame Torched Copper River Salmon Sashimi
Morels/Pickled Ramps/Summer Pea Coulis/Togarashi
Fresh Hand-Cut Pasta
Shaved Summer Truffles/Pan Roasted Porcini/Reggiano Parmigiano
A Visit to the Anti-Griddle...
Ginger-Soy Aioli/Celery Root Remoulade/Crispy Fried Calamari
Foie Gras-Honey Silk/Caramel/Fleur de Sel
Spicy Avocado/Orange-Cinnamon Dark Chocolate/Murray River Salt
Roasted Baby Rack of New Zealand Lamb
Anson Mills White Grits/Braised Baby Turnips/Quinoa-Pea-Shiitake Composure
Raspberry Bavarois/Golden Raspberries/Vanilla
Carrot Genoise/Mascarpone/Roasted Pineapple/Gingerbread Dust
Rhubarb/Coconut Sorbet/Pistachio Florentine
Valrhona Manjari/Olive Oil Gelato
Spiced Almond Chocolates/Salted White Chocolate Caramels/Warm Lemon Zeppole
I can only wait until the next opportunity to present my craft...


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