"Inspirations of the New Year"...

as I "came down" from a serious adrenaline rush from the season, and have some time to myself during a break, I was able to actually READ the many periodicals and magazines piled up on my desk and accumulating at home, and pinpoint some areas of interest that piqued my curiosity. There were but many inspirations to explore and contemplate in 08'~ Here are but a few...
Salts from Alaska
New Sources to Investigate
Spices from Turkey
Oils from Australia
"Pork in all of it's Fashions and Glory"
New Flavor Combinations- bridging the unexpected...
More Slow Cooking
New Techniques and the latest Equipment
Our Staff
Salumi Production with Armandino
Chef's Tables
Travel and Dining
Research and Development
Stay tuned for new thoughts in cuisinierskitchen...


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