My Kind of Soul Food...

warm house cured duck prosciutto/artichokes/figs/
pistachio dust/30 year-old balsamic/abbamelle

This time of year is great for doing just that...satisfying the soul! As I wrote earlier, it brings great ingredients, together with a wonderful frame of mind to cook for the soul, and from the heart. It helps us to reach out to our friends and family by way of what mother E. offers up of herself to us, each and every day without prejudice or complaint, simply for the love of cooking and eating. What a wonderful and beautiful world we live in...and just to think we will probably "F" it up some day soon if we don't get our shit together! Although it seems as if I may be starting out on a tangent, hell bent to save the world from our demise(I am), today I come in peace with the sole intent of giving thanks to our ingredients. They have once again inspired me to do what I do best, cook. These few dishes are from various "love affairs", aka meals, that have nourished not only the souls of those who were fed, but mine as well, as I become mentally nourished each time I can be given the great fortune to cook from my soul for those that give a damn about eating good. I guess, in hindsight, it is these opportunities that help us get through the days when the freakin dishwasher doesn't show up for work!

herb crusted hawaiian mahi-mahi/pumpkin-farro-truffle-chanterelle porridge

truffle nage/celery root-poultry emulsion

olive oil poached puget sound cod/controne beans/clams/chorizo/preserved lemon
basil gelatin/smoked paprika-potato foam/dauro l'emporda olive oil


Anonymous Theresa said...

Hi Chef,
I truly understand the food that nourishes your soul. I really really really miss cooking.
The other night Steve and I made some food for a picnic he has once a month at work. They pick a country or region in the world and that is the theme. This month was central Asia. We decided on a couple of recipes from Kyrgyzstan. The ingredients were common and easily obtainable. But the combination was outstanding. This was probably the most successful meal he has done yet. He made enough for his group and two nights of leftovers. The (leftovers) were even better.
I know I keep interchanging he and we. We have a rule at home. Who ever is planning and executing the meal is the CHEF. The other is the prep cook and cannot offer tips or suggestions unless asked for. Otherwise with 2 cooks in the kitchen we'd have killed each other years ago! LOL
On another note. Not exactly related to food. I recently started on dialysis. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. I feel like myself of over a year ago self. Don't say anything like I'm sorry to hear that. I'm starting to hate that phrase. This is a good thing. A pain in the butt sometimes but nonetheless a good thing. Anyway,
Once I get trained on the home version, I'll be able to make my own schedule. I'll be in to talk to you, probably after the first of the year, about instructing in one of the culinary programs. With such a lenghty stay from the work force, I'll need some help opening a few doors. Thanks Chef
T =)

2:51:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi Theresa, thanks for the comment. Hey, just because you are at home, does not mean that you have to give up one of your passions! As you mentioned, keep cooking in various ways and means to satisfy that soul. Go to the farmers markets, grocery stores, specialty food shops and get inspired. I once read a sign as it hung over a doorway at a little shop in San Francisco that
read- LISDIN! Which stood for "Life is too short...do it now! The lady who owned the store was a high profile executive for a Fortune 500 company and she got tired of the rat race and feeling like life was passing her by so she did what she always wanted to do…be independent. So she told herself this and did it, thus naming the store after the meaning. It was definitely inspiring for me. Best…

11:29:00 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, Yeah... the coffee really is nice with stuff like this. I had the coffee and bacon but I really wanted to somehow work some other kind of breakfasty type thing into it too. Maybe next time I;ll serve it over some hash browns.
Take care

10:03:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Sounds fun. What about coffee marinated pork shoulder roast or braise with savory bacon-chili powder "donuts" or griddle cakes. Perhaps with scrambled eggs or a poached egg in baocn fat? Very low cholesterol.

9:09:00 PM  

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