17 Courses in 8 Hours...

So it became...a gustatory feast for two separate groups, totalling a motley crue of foodies of 16 in attendance! They were foodies all right, every last one of them. In the first group, there were folks that were very "intoxicated" with the shear thought of good food, some that just oohed and aah'd, and the group as a whole, who's only request was "that they wanted to spend the day in France"! The next group, was out for a full-on experience as well. A couple of them had just been to Ducasse and came away with not the excitement they should have. Kind of like getting a date with a hot girl, and only walking away with a kiss. Great, but not what you were hoping for. It is this kind of pressure and challenge we love. To give good food and good times. The others, in celebration of a special birthday, who could have gone anywhere, chose my pad at the chef's table. Here is what we laid out. Some of the bites look similar, yet yielded a new spectrum of flavors and tastes. After all, we did not want to be repetitive, not because it was not the same people, but because it was the same kitchen. The only bummer was no photos:(

Like an awesome guitar solo, here are the chords in this lick...

Warm Truffled Sunchoke "Cappuccino"
gingerbread brioche
Maine Lobster Salad
beets, oranges, avocado, tomato ice, yuzu-blood orange vinaigrette
Warm Matsutake Mushroom Composure
confit of silver salmon belly, potato-horseradish foam, micro kohlrabi
Pan Roasted Diver Sea Scallop & H.V. Foie Gras
delicata squash "silk", black mission figs, hazelnuts, saba drizzle and fleur de sel
Grilled Hawaiian Ahi Tuna
organic mustard greens, roasted porcini, fregola sarda, carrot "etouffee", truffle oil
Black Plum Salad
micro black radish, lychee sorbet
Coffee Crusted Oregon Lamb Loin
chanterelles, heirloom tomato fondue, parsnip milk, syrah jus
Merlot Braised Veal Cheeks
anson mills white grits, harvest onions, sweet onion mustard cuisson
Valrhona Manjari, Fig Salad, Maple-Pecan Ice Cream
Pistachio Gelato Milkshake, White Chocolate "Semi Freddo", Linzer Wafer
Callebaut Creme Brulee, Nectarines and Olive Oil Gelato
one hour intermission
Maine Lobster "en Chemise"
mango, avocado, american sturgeon caviar, yuzu-rose champagne sabayon
Broiled Mediterranean Sardines
fennel-olive-preserved lemon composure, duck prosciutto, blood orange olive oil
Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras
truffled apricot conserve, warmed fig compote, hazelnuts, brioche, gingerbread dust
30 year-old balsamic condiment
Fennel Dusted Hawaiian Ahi Tuna
pan roasted quail breast, matsutake mushrooms a'la plancha, fregola sarda, truffle oil
Poached Black Plums
Watermelon-Last of the Season Tomato Granite
Spice Crusted Loin of Lamb
puree of delicata squash, chanterelles, baby carrot "etouffee", "big island" hearts of palm
parsnip foam and jus d'agneau
Dark Chocolate "Pave", Fig Jam, Espresso Sorbet
Pistachio Gelato Milkshake, Caramelized Citrus, Chocolate Brulee
Applesauce Crumb Cake, Liberty Apples, Autumn Spice Ice Cream
Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bites, Blackberry Pates de Fruits, Pecan-Demerrara Macaroons
Warm Citrus Zeppole


Blogger Desert Chef said...

I must say your menus sound (and look) outstanding. You are very fortunate to have such an adventurous group of members and guests.

9:27:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

hi desert chef, thank you for your comment. I just try to keep it exciting and challenging for our team and I. It has taken a long time of nurturing and training out clientiele about good food. It just takes paitience and perserverence.

6:34:00 PM  

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