A Contradiction of Java...

As we settled in on our next road trip...a destination to unwind, unload and unwrap our minds and senses, we fixed our sights on a southbound journey, albeit not that long, to Cannon Beach, Oregon. The trip, in and of itself is another story, and frankly, one not worth writing about in this juncture, in that it was just fun, relaxation and hanging out with the family. Some food, some culinary shops, some pastries, bistros and breakfast nooks, but nothing out of the norm. Good times. The reasoning for this post to share a little piece of coolness with those that care to listen, or read as it were. The last time we made the trek to Cannon Beach, we stumbled upon two cool finds..., one, was a little cooking school-artisan food shop-bakery-catering hang out called EVOO Cannon Beach Cooking School, ran by a chef acquaintance I knew from Seattle back in the late 80's or so. Great little bundles of kitchen tools, cheeses, condiments and a cool formatted cooking school counter in which the owner; Robert Neroni and his partner cook demos and classes for the local guests as well as use it as a hub for their catering "op" that feeds the small, sometimes sleepy town. The next discovery was also sleepy. Enter Sleepy Monk! A contradiction in terms for a coffee for sure. This journey was one that I made sure to rekindle both of those relationships. The Sleepy Monk Coffee Company is a very small, unique and extremely fitting post for the locale, ran by Victor and Jane Harding. Very nice folks. It is located in a small shack-like house that is right off the main drag through town, right off the beach. It's like Cannon Beach's version of Cafe Vita, but smaller. A place where you know the folks personally. A place where locals and travelers alike swagger in to get their fix and daily dose of that wonderful thing that fuels our fire. The coffee they roast and grind are personal, characteristic of themselves and quite tasty as well, and all of them being certified organic. Being from Seattle, it is a hard stretch to say it is my favorite, but definitely high up there. I do not think it is wrong to say that one might have several favorites as the qualities and personalities of each coffee might be better suited for a particular situation, time of day or mood. So be it. You decide. The variety I picked up this time was Fiddlers Fusion~ a nutty, smokey and slightly robust blend with chocolaty notes on the nose. The roast on this one is a bit more-so than my usual choice, but I was in the mood for something new. Great choice. The flavor is smooth and rich without being bitter like that behemoth monster that we all know. This coffee is one that can be very fitting all year round. A wonderful morning cup as well as a great night-life remedy with dessert or late hang out with friends. Mid day...sure. The company offers a couple good handfuls of different blends, roasts and types of beans. Sumatra...Ethiopia...Guatemala...take your pick. Dark, medium or light roasts abound. Sleepy Monk fits that town very well. I highly encourage the visit if you find yourself heading past Cannon Beach or through Northern Oregon. Grab a cup of Joe and sit outside taking in the surf's smell, the sound of the waves and with any luck...some sun. If not, you can always surf from home.


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