Degustation Series 04.20.07...

So here it is...our first real tasting in depth menu full of spring goodies. Chef's Garden...Local purveyors...Nicky USA...Norpac Fisheries...Fresh & Wild...those are but a few peeps that supply us with the beauties of ingredients that adorn our service china. This time of year has that way of bringing out the sophistication and elegance in our cooking and releasing us from the suppressed mind of winter. The chic, the vogue, the sexy...all combined in a few bites, or in this case, 18 different courses. It was a gathering of the first spring tastes, harnessed together in a juxtaposition of bounty. A special dinner for a special couple in celebration of their wedding anniversary. Below are a handful of the photos from the dinner. Spring is here guys. No turnin back now. It's full-on until summer. When we cook these dishes and ingredients, it is always refreshing and rejuvenating for us. New ideas are hatched everyday...every shift...every moment as we delve into the cooking. When plating one dish, out comes ideas for several others. Wait! There is just not enough fucking time to cook everything we think of! After compilations and thousands of pages of notes, I have come to the realization that things either get put onto the next season or the next year or for that matter, simply written down for the mind. Some just get eaten and never go any further than that, like it was just plainly made for enjoyment of the moment. Once in a while, some lucky bastard gets to experience that fractionary bliss as it unfolds in front of them at the table. The others...the next memoir? The next book? Whatever the case, it is there and ready.

Marinated Japanese Hamachi Collar
Bottarga,Trout Roe, Kohlrabi-Radish Salad, Micro Fennel

Torchon of Foie Gras
Olive Oil Sponge, Truffled Apricot Conserve, Pickled Ramps
50 year-old Balsamic Condiment, Micro Burgundy Amaranth

Poached "Dog Mountain Farms" Duck Egg
Baby White Asparagus, Morels, Arugula and PX Syrup

Rhubarb Emince, Tropea Onion Jelly, Rhubarb Gastric, Buckwheat Crumble

Duck Prosciutto, Grilled Abalone Mushrooms, Pecorino, Madeira Nage
Micro Tatsoi

Seared Diver Sea Scallop & Rabbit Kidney
Pea Risotto, Peas, Pea Emulsion, Lobster-Vanilla Oil

Demi Thumbelina Carrots & Fava Beans
Braised Purplette Onions, Carrot Tops, Olive-Anchovy Ice Cream
Carrot Juice-Truffle "Vinaigrette"

Steamed Mediterranean Daurade
Artichokes Barigoule, Spring Matignon, Meyer Lemon-EVOO Bouillon
Micro "Rainier Club Blend" Greens

Heather Honey & Ras el Hanout Lacquered Squab
Fava Beans, Raisin-Caper Essence, Curried Cauliflower "Cous Cous"
Smoked Popcorn and Marcona Almonds

The other dishes that went before the blade and fork, rather than the camera, and were not as fortunate for the glory were as follows:

Maine Lobster Omelet, Tomato Jam, Sturgeon Caviar, Ugli Fruit

Passion Fruit Smoothie, Yogurt-Rose Foam, Nigella

Candied Salmon Ice Cream Cone with Orange Caramel

Brown Butter Basted Sweetbreads, Corn-Salumi Salpicon, Rice Pancake
House-Made FigVodka Sauce

Bellwether Farms "Crescenza", Pistachio Waffle, Raspberry-Pear Eau de Vie Reduction

Poached Rhubarb Batonette, Cuisson, "Creamsicle" Semi-Freddo Slice

Frozen Flavors of Spring...
White Asparagus Ice Cream, Olive Oil Gelato, Meyer Lemon-Cello

Bittersweet Chocolate Indulgence
Dark Silk, Caramel-Chocolate Cube, Milk Chocolate-Malted Shake

Almond Macaroons, Raspberry Pates de Fruits, Pistachio Financiers


Blogger Michael Walsh said...

Cool post. Nice that you link your purveyors, but the fresh and wild doesn't work, and i'm having a hard time finding them on the web. I purchased from them years ago, but have since lost contact, if you could let me know how to reach them i would really appreciate it, and check out my blog as well, www.viewfromthekitchen.blogspot.com

7:57:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi Michael, thank you for the info. I will check it out. Fresh and Wild are in Vancouver Wa. Their number direct is 1.800.222.5578. Ask for Laura. Will check out teh blog. Thanks. Cuisinier.
PS- what general area are you located?

3:17:00 PM  
Blogger Michael Walsh said...

Thanks for the info. I've been tempted by some very good looking east coast purveyors, but shipping cost usually my wake up call since i can get, specificly, seafood from boston overnight. I am in Cleveland, Ohio, about 45 minutes away from The Chef's Garden in Huron. If they aren't the greatest purveyor, the product, packaging, customer service, all outshines the rest.

7:22:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

I hear you. Being from Seattle, I am damn near on top of the freshest fish from Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. Produce is stellar here with much sought after wild mushrooms, nuts, roots, lettuces etc. We have many cheese producers, bread bakeries, and local artisans who are constantly working to perfect their craft. And yet, I still work with Chef's g. closely as well as East Coast suppliers. What's the addage????think globally, act locally or visa versa? Bill

1:38:00 PM  

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