A Tribute to Spring...05.11.07

And yet another compilation of tastes from the Rainier Club atelier...at least one thing is certain~ Spring is here! Tonight was no exception. The ingredients stellar. The vibe cool. The cooks...on top of their game. The group, some newbies from the "outside", tracked down by the vast space of internetness, all I can say is hell yeah! It was, as luck would have it, another surprise birthday, planned for the hosts' wife. Not in a freakin hundred years would she have expected to come to the mansion of 4th Avenue, but low and behold, here was this secretive and almost elusive culinary hideaway, nestled amongst the skyscrapers and condos sporting a stylish kitchen with some of the greatest foodstuffs awaiting. Enter the menu...Below are some of the tastes we shared with this group of foodies, brought in from Chicago, Germany, Texas and from where-else I have no clue. Who cares...this was a great opp to turn some new peeps on to our cooking and craft, and that we did! What made it even more exciting for us the finding of more foodies who enjoy non-alcoholic pairings with the menu. And so it was...A Tribute to Spring!

Maine Lobster & Tapioca Salad, Ugli Filaments, American Sturgeon Caviar
and Passion Fruit lacing
Salmon Candy Ice Cream Cone, Nigella Wafer
Hudson Valley Foie Gras Torchon
Rhubarb Confit, Gastrique, Roasted Asian Pear Puree, Truffled Apricot Conserve
Scrambled Duck Eggs with Truffles
Wild Green French & White Asparagus, Purple Asparagus Salad, White Asparagus Ice Cream
50 year-old Balsamic Condiment and Micro Burgundy Amaranth
Pan Roasted Atlantic Monkfish
Roasted Porcini Mushrooms, Peas, Fava Beans, Green Garlic
Pickled Cipolline Onion Jus and Cardamom Leaf Emulsion
Kumquats, Agro Dolce, Black Pepper, Lemon Verbena Foam
Heather Honey Lacquered Squab
Morels, Demi Thumbelina Carrots, Red Ribbon Sorrel
and Bayley-Hazen Bleu in a Smoked Valrhona Essence
Coffee Crusted Loin of Lamb
Artisan White Grits, Artichokes, Umbrian Truffles, Abalone Mushrooms
Dark Chocolate, Blood Oranges and Malted-Coffee Ice Cream
Huckleberry Brulee
Meyer Lemon tart, Oven Dried Strawberries, Blackberry Sherbet
Key Lime Bavarois, Coconut, Roasted Pineapple
Blackberry Pates de Fruits, Fennel Meringues, Chocolate Dipped Linzer Bites
and for the non-alcoholic pairings...
Sparkling Pear Cider
Kumquat Dry Soda
Navarro Gewurztraminer
Pu-erh Truffle-Cepe "Chai" Tea
Navarro Pinot Noir Grape Juice
Valrhona Manjari Infused Milk


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