Gypsy 3.0...

As luck would have it...I typed out the whole outlay of the dinner experience with pictures(ok...not the best) and a full-on vibe of the kitchen and when all was said and done, it was on our sister site...The Digital Kitchen. Click on the link to read about the Gypsy experience and see the food. Oops... My bad! This is the Clandestine Cooking from the Heart & Soul from the Rainier Club Cuisiniers!


Anonymous angelchef said...

I dont' have a way to show a picture. Sometimes the best times in life our the celebrations we have with food a family.Today was my mom's 60th birthday. We planned a family surprised brunch for her at a popular waterfront restaurant.
Their food was unispiring for them. But what can you say. I made the birthday cake for her and decorated it. Rich butter cake w/ lemon curd filling and real buttercreme frosting.Not the kind of cake you buy at the store. It was a big sheet cake(big family). There was nothing left of it. All I kept hearing was "wow this cake is good".What made me feel good was that my mom enjoyed the day. I know that the memory she will keep in her heaad is this. All of the kids,spouses,and grand and great grand children were there. We mamanged to surprise her. She's going for a week to Paris with Dad. And the cake was Sooooo good. She couldn't help herself and had seconds and thirds. As a chef I gave my mom the only thing I know how to do. And I did it with lots of love. Like I said some of the best memories are family and food.

10:40:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

You are absolutely right! That si awesome. Congrats to you for making a great and wonderful impression it sounds. Many of my dishes have gone without that kodak moment and only to fall deep within the bowels of my mind, many of which, sadly are lost to new ideas and thoughts. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

2:50:00 PM  

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