Degustation Series 01.16.07...

Here is the menu of the moment...a gathering of thoughts, a melding of flavors, a marriage of tastes...a degustation...full-fledged of winter goodies! Tonight's menu was provoked and inspired by the notion of a celebration, albeit if only for the quest to consume nurishment in a gourmand nature. The ingredients were inspired by the wintery and snow-laden surroundings of the city, and, what we could procure based on that. The foodstuffs were cooked with grace, care and thought, to offer some of the best food obtainable with ultra style, taste and distinction of beauty. Tonight's "celebrity" was the paco-jet! It served up an awesome savory avocado-mango ice cream for the ahi tuna crudo. The menu and a few photos are laid out before you. Enjoy!

Truffled Scrambled Eggs/Lobster/Porcini Creme Fraiche
Hawaiian Ahi Tuna "Crudo"/Golden Caviar/Avocado-Mango Ice Cream/Radish
Foie Gras/Diver Scallop/Persimmons-Chestnut "Ravioli"/50 year Balsamic/Foie Gras "Sand"
Squab Wrapped Coral Cod/Quinoa/Pears/Micro Celery
Pomegranate "Caviar"/Persimmons-Lemoncello Soda
Kobe Flat Iron/Hedgehogs/Demi Roots/Artisan White Grits/Mosto Cotto
Stuffed Loin of Veal/Controne Beans/Bacon/Sweetbreads/Crosnes/Truffle Oil
Manjari Praline/Pistachio Gelato/Pineapple/Lemon Souffle
Quince Jellies/Chocolate-Fleur de Sel Domes/Almond-Cocoa Nib Macaroons


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