A Savory Chocolate...

The passion of our art, wrapped up in consumable fashion. Just short of my expectations however (reads...shit happens). Needs work. An inspiration by way of "south-of-the-border" nuances and tastes. Tasty, yes, and although these flavors are intriguing... it needs more development and further honing and intertwining of tastes to not drown out any one self ingredient. We will not let one ingredient stand alone nor be left for dead! Instead of being placed in the "womb", possibly better served with bacon on top? We are anxious to find out! Needs heavier caramel influence, as this one was short of sheer ecstacy. Too rich of chocolate...need less rich variety such as manjari or Dolphin. Callebaut maybe? Why do I write this you ask??????? To provoke thought and spark imagination and hope. Hope, that you too will try to step out of the box and try new things. Only to push beyond intimidation of failure and those expectations that have fallen short of anything less than perfection! As I sat and read Bau, and his thoughts about "bon bons", I only reconfirmed my own thoughts all too well that this was not achieved overnight. The methodry was solid. The technique sound, the vision clear and the desire to create was iminent. I used Scharffenberger, which was 70% cocoa mass, which I think is just a bit too sharp, thus, masking the other more subtle flavors and nuances of the "concept". Here is my creation...remember, when life hands you great products...cook away! If it does not totally blow your mind...don't stop searching for nirvana! Push yourself. This in and of itself, was not a true failure by any means or stretch of imagination; they are tasty for sure, and I was surprised to find that my kids can not keep my hands off them. This is only the beginning of a new exploration. Enjoy.

Aztec Bon Bons
1 lb. Dark Bittersweet Chocolate, chopped
14 oz. Heavy Cream, infused with Caramel to taste (approximately 8 oz.)
3.5 oz. Butter, diced up small
4 Tbl. Pumpkin Seeds, toasted, chopped
3/4 tsp. Cumin, ground, toasted
2 Tbl. Apple Smoked Bacon, rendered, minced fine
As desired Fleur de Sel on top
Optional: coffee infusion
Heat cream to a boil. Add over chocolate. Let sit for several minutes. Stirring from center outward slowly with spatula in circular fashion, develop a "seed" of homogenous smoothness and gently bring in cream to emulsify. Add butter and stir in until melted. Add rest of ingredients. If coffee is desired, add now. Pour into a small sheet pan and allow to rest at room temperature until set, approximately 8-12 hours. Cut as desired.


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