The Holiday Offering...

...a "digital kitchen" of things I have been doing with our team during the "rush". These depict the images of a typical day and night(and into the next) of the holiday madness, that at times, makes you want to swallow a 45. And although this may be the case, and it seems like utter psychoticism, in the midst of it all, during the chaotic bedlam, the innate passion and true craftsmanship shines through and prevails. You do what you do to get through, and to be the best~ Cook!

Cooking during the holidays is different than any other time of year, as it is a totally different space of mind. It is not only the time of year that one would perhaps rather be with friends and family, but a time of year that congers up things to cook that happen only during this period. It is fun, once you can overcome the sheer insanity of the already fast-paced industry being kicked into overload almost overnight.

Giving your food and dishes a holiday "boost" by means of new ingredients that seem to be out-of-place at any other time (what...like you are going to do a spiced cranberry consomme with smoked maple glazed duck, savory pumpkin seed brittle and a hot persimmons gelatin in july?) are definitely an invigorating experience, and one that tends to satisfy the soul. We wait all year to be able to do this, and yet, with an almost immediate climax, we are already longing for Spring. Go figure.

Seasons come and go for us in the Northwest. They are something that as chefs, we base our existence on them. It gives us life. Revitalized energy. Creative inspiration. Our seasons are more strung out than in some other regions and locales in the lower 48. They are true. The are real. They allow for ample time to adapt and overcome the very nature of their existence. To get fully in touch with itself and really take hold of what is being offered. But alas, as mentioned, typical humans...we get bored quickly and start to scratch that itch to cook something new that lie ahead. In hindsight, that is what keeps us on edge and thus, exciting for the guests. Afterall, how interesting would it be if we did the same thing all year long? Not.

The weather is definitely an inspiration for us all. Some recent research of a cool blog that was turned onto me by a friend confirms that. Check out ideas in food. What inspires one, could be total bog down for another, and visa versa. This time of year in Seattle, for me, is a time that fuels the drive for good, solid hearty cooking. Tasty flavors of the festive nature. Hell, if I can't be at home with the family cooking for them, I might as well do it for everyone else with a sense of holiday spirit. In good food and cooking...cuisinier.


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