Degustation Series- 11.30.06...

So...although we have logged approximately just shy of 400 chef's tables to date, in which we have seen the likes of many distinguished foodies, gourmands and connoisseurs of taste alike, I have only just began to include them in my blog. Not for any reason other than all the menus, thoughts and memories have either been juxtapositioned as an on-going mega file of media, sitting and hibernating for a proposed collection for print or simply sitting in my mind, there for the foundation of something new. From all vegetarian or vegan to offal. From signature ingredient menus...tomato, asparagus, fish, mushroom etc, highlighted to bring to the forefront of gastronomy to our highly regarded Potato-Truffle Degustations. We are inspired by the table itself, and those who grace us with their presence. By the season, in which we pay homage in every form and fashion. By the moment, which is the mood and stress level we are under, that drives in the direction we tend to progress upon. Tonight...was no different. The menu was a collaboration for sure, but definitely executed and muscled through by one of our newly appointed culinary leaders~ Sous Chef Rodolfo (aka Rudy) Guerrero. He is one who's humble, subservient nature allows and provides for the ability to understand and soak in the philosophy that I lay down. Without it, it is almost impossible to achieve. The elements of taste lie ahead...
Warm Maine Lobster Salad
White Sturgeon Caviar, Chervil, Champagne-Yuzu Sabayon
Grilled Hawaiian Ahi Tuna
Pumello-Kumquat Composure, Baby Fennel, Beet "Caviar"
Vanilla-Orange Reduction
Pan Roasted Hudson Valley Foie Gras
Onion-Fig Jam, Celery Root "Financier", Pomegranate Syrup
Cranberry Foam and Grape Confit
New Zealand Tai Snapper
Heirloom Beans, Oca, Crosnes, Chanterelles, Pumpkin Nage
A Study in Pear
Smoked Paprika Dusted Loin of Lamb
Carrot-Parsnip Custard, Sweetbreads, Poached Crab Apples
Manjari Silk, Pumpkin Brulee, Persimmons
Quince, Cider and Smoked Maple
Food for thought...
may it inspire the thought, the mind, the soul...
next up to bat...
as it is too chaotic to try and do one during this hell.


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