A Devine Curry...

This post is one that is just about an experience, a dining one. It is one that will hopefully spread the word about one of our favorite places to eat, and even more so, spend time at with friends and family, as it is truly wonderful. The place is a cozy, little Thai restaurant in West Seattle, right off the beginning (or end) of the freeway that connects this "island" to the rest of civilization. It is called Buddha Ruksa. The address is 3520 SW Genesee. Here is how the evening transpired...

we entered to find the familiar smiling faces
of those that are truly proud of what they do.
The entry area is a bit cold, but only because there are
so many people coming and going as they are busy. We are seated
in their warm wooded walled dining room below the main entrance
separated by only a few steps.
They also have another dining room adjacent to the entry
which is cozy as well. I really enjoy this dining room, as it reminds me of perhaps something in
New York or maybe Paris. As their own web site entails...
it is a Zenlike atmosphere of simplicity and warmth.
The entire staff at Buddha Ruksa are great!
They attend to our every need. They are warm, friendly, observant and subservient.
They are one of the two main reasons we continue to come back! The other, the obvious.
I started with Jasmine tea, and my wife had
a nice bolo of a wonderfully crafted merlot-cab blend from Saviah cellars called Jack Lot 25.
It is derived from a cache of vineyards from Columbia Valley, with notes of black cherry, raspberry, plum, and spice, with smooth tannins. A perfect pairing for
the juxtaposition of Thai cookery.
She loved it!
We shared an order for their house Thai spring roll, complete with
a sweet dipping sauce laced with chilies and spice. A simple, yet fun item to nibble.
Next was the marinated chicken satay, with lemongrass. They are always good.
Very straight forward with nuances of cilantro, kaffir and curry.
My kids love them.
A place where grown-ups can dine and the kids can enjoy as well?
That works!
I ordered one of their the specials~ The Pork Spare Rib Curry Panang!
It was awesome. The flavors were enthralling! I could not stop eating.
I'll chat later.
It consisted of gentle braised pork spare ribs, served on the bone
with julienned red bell peppers, cilantro, lemongrass,, kaffir lime,
green and red curry and basil-lot's of it!
The sauce was made up of the natural cooking liquid; aka- braisage
which was embellished with coconut milk, chili oil, and the paste made available by the spices.
I ordered some gentle steamed brown rice to add to my gustatory experience
which later ended up to be a "risotto-like" composure that I put away like
it was my last meal, long after the ribs had disappeared.
No matter what what religion you subscribe to, this was a godlilike revelation!
My wife enjoyed a perfectly cooked flank steak dish that was spice rubbed, then grilled.
It was flanked, no pun intended, by a flavorful and pungent dipping sauce
which although intricate and sophisticated, seemingly involved nuoc-mam, chili paste,
soy, sesame oil, ginger and a secret ingredient that only the dishwasher knows...
and he ain't tellin!
She also ordered a side of simple steamed vegetables.
Now I usually cast aside the "steamed vegetable" plate, but although this was in
the same genre, it was fresh, hot and seasoned. Not too shabby.
It was actually a great foil to the rich, meaty and intoxicating flavors of the beef.
The meal, which is normally spent with several more dishes and tastes,
was brought to an end with a pairing of ginger ice cream and mango ice cream...
for both my sons, respectively. They loved it!
As mentioned, we normally partake in many more dishes, but this time,
we ordered more of an entree, which was a generous helping, and one that warranted
it's own devine attention.
So, a curry...
Can it be devine? Let me tell you~ it was all that and more!
I can only sadly say, that there was none left to bring home to have for a late night snack.
But alas, there is always the flank!
in good food and cooking...


Blogger Rhodora said...

I cannot wait to try Buddha Ruksa. Since moving to Seattle three years ago, I've been in search of good (reasonably priced) Thai eats. After reading your descriptions of flavors, the ambiance, and your experience, we are definitely Buddha Ruksa bound. (My boyfriend from England who's coming to visit this month fell in LOVE with mussaman curry which he

11:59:00 PM  
Blogger Rhodora said...

...tasted for the first time during his first visit to Seattle). I cannot wait for the taste experience. I do miss Thai food! Thanks Chef.

12:03:00 AM  

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