Spring...Can it Be?


is it actually around the
corner? After so much damn rain, cloudy days, dreary nights and lack of sun... enough already! Don't get me wrong...I love the winter and all it brings us in the way of ingredients; wild mushrooms, hearty squashes, salsify, crosnes, (or Chinese Artichokes), diver scallops, tubers and truffles! But have we finally began to turn that enlightened corner that we call Spring?
We have started to see the first of the season, the very tip of the earth's offerings, there for the taking. Fresh fiddlehead ferns and Rosemary Blossoms. This is always a good sign for me. It is a sign that more good things are near. Asparagus, white and green, and even purple. Morels... plump, rich, smoky and beautiful! Simply nirvana! Then there are fresh Peas, young Carrots and Radishes, ready for something light and fresh, crying out for simply a lacing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a splash of Fennel Vinegar and fresh Sweet Cicely. Arugula, Watercress and fresh Crab; mmmmm! What a delight.

Lobster is always a favorite as well. How sweet that delicate flesh, gently poached in Plugra and herbs, only to be dressed and embellished with goodness. Perhaps a Potato-Horseradish Ice Cream? Add Osetra Caviar and you have the beginning of a great menu degustation at our chef's table!

Then there is the tasting of Asparagus...

How nice but to top off with a seared piece of Hudson Valley Foie Gras! Add 50 year old Balsamic Condiment, a delicate Asparagus Custard "Brulee" and add White Italian Truffle Oil. Now that is dining. I can't wait! This is always a well sought after first course with those that have been our "foodie groupies" for a while.

There are so many tastes that I enjoy from this season, and many that I long for during this long, cruel period of harsh weather. Spring is a time that freshens up our tastebuds, our palettes, our minds and our skills. So, it is now that I will start to put the braising to bed, tuck the fricassees and ragouts into their perspective little "repertoire beds" until next fall, where I can bring them out to once again warm our souls. So it is now time to lighten up, get to work with the farmers, artisan cheesemakers, local fishermen and the like to give our menus a makeover, enrich our thoughts and inspire everyone, from cooks and patissiers to gourmands and guests alike. What a fun time this is. So I urge all of you....create with what Mother Earth is about to unleash and enjoy this wonderful opportunity as a humble practicer of the craft!


Blogger Dana said...

Spring hits a little later for the pastry team. But none the less, it is just around the corner. The PI ran an article about how chef's create durring winters diminished abundance in Seattle. I participated in the article, there is even a picture. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/food/259810_rest17.html

The photo's look fantastic. I loved the posting about Per Se and Daniel. The deconstructed carrot cake is awesome. I am dying to see some of the desserts Tyler talked about last sunday.

I enjoyed talking with Tyler, and was hoping to meet you also. But it will wait until next time.


9:58:00 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

By the way, I had a conversation about google, and it turns out it takes about a month for you to start coming up in google searches. Which would be why your address, which existed longer than the blog, was coming up. But it's probably been long enough by now for both to be googlable, so the point is moot.

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Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi Dana, thank you for the input. I will check out the PI article. Thanks for the complimnets as well for the photos and the per se/daniel post. It was AWESOME! Per Se was soigne. Sorry to have missed you. Sounds like ti was a great party. I had to spend the time with my kids since time is scarce at moments. As Tyler had indicated I beleive, please feel invited to come check us out in the kitchen. If you are in the city, let me know as I would enjoy showing you around and if you would like, maybe even spend the evening with us. I can let you know what is a good time. How are things at Eva? Business? Ingredients? Anyway, thanks for all your support. By the way, Google now works and all is good. Bill

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Blogger cuisinier said...

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