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Every once and a while, someone "up there" does something that makes us all wonder....what the hell! It is in regards to those that we know that depart from this life(as we know it), only to go to another plane. A place where hopefully, there is peace and happiness, completeness, no violence and eternity. It is here that I mention with total sadness and in question, the passing of a friend and fellow chef, Eddie Montoya. The chef behind the creative flair and wonderful flavors in a local restaurant called Ovio Bistro in W. Seattle. At only 27 years young, his life was severed for whatever reason, we will not fully understand. Life can be so sick and cruel, but hopefully, he had a calling to something only more important in the heavens. I know that he will be missed beyond words. For those that knew him, you would agree that his kindness and friendly demeanor was definitely his signature, and one that will be hard pressed to replicate. I hope to help organize a tribute dinner for him soon which would honor this talented chef. I trust he would have enjoyed this. I did not know him very well, only that I enjoyed the times we conversed at his restaurant, local fundraisers and such, and that I enjoyed his palate and cooking. His gift to us will be the remembrance of him through the circles that he graced with his presence. May we all be so grateful, and always remember that there are far too many things to be thankful for and to not sweat the small stuff, for it is all small! God bless my fellow chef, God bless, and may you find your nirvana in the next realm.


Blogger Dana said...

Cuisineir- I have been looking for your blog! Glad to have found it. Unfortunately I did not know Chef Montoya, but do know of the restaurant. 27 is too young. 27 is me.

I haven't tried the Sharfenburger. I am partial to Valrohna, but just recently started ordering DGB. Very nice, fruity.

I assume you are in the throws of a decadent new years eve menu at the moment. Happy new year!

6:00:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi, he was a very friendly individual who was passionate about his cooking and craft. The restaurant is a nice cozy little place that I try to frequent. I agree, the Valrhona is probably my favorite. The manjari has so much character. Check out Pralus. Question for you....when i type in phat duck on google, your site(s) come up. when I type mine, it does not, I have to go to blogger first, then sign in then it comes up. What is my dilema? Happy N.Y.! Best in 06'

4:41:00 PM  

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