In Honor of the Foie...

What controversy these days... as if we don't have other things to bitch about! I
totally respect the thoughts and views of others about the healthy, sustainable approach to all living things and beings, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. I am a huge supporter for locally and humanely raised(and slaughtered/harvested) animals and fish. I seek out those who demonstrate to us as professionals, the utmost respect for the species, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, so that we can live up to our own responsibility as chefs to our clientele, in order to prove that we are mindful of all things on this earth and are concerned greatly about it's preservation and the effects of not managing them or turning a deaf ear to anyone who gives us shit about what we are doing. I also believe that the individuals who are providing us with this rich delicacy...foie gras, truly are making huge, conscience efforts to ensure the birds harmlessness. It is so easy for those, that simply want to get on their high horse and think that they can strong arm people and their livelihood to do whatever they choose. All things in moderation, I believe are good, and so long as there are caring and responsible individuals who can maintain that philosophy, we will be ok.
So, it is with this that I offer a little "taste" of foie gras.
It is a unique preparation that utilizes the whole lobe(s)
at once, which allows for an ephemeral mouthfeel and
state of mind. This is a fire roasted lobe, which has been
crusted with black pepper, coriander, star anise, clove,
salt and brown sugar. It starts out being marinated
overnight, then to get the process crackling, we glaze
some sliced shallots and whole sprigs of thyme in a
pan large enough to hold the lobes. Place the foie on
top and the whole pan rests under a roaring fire,
surrounded by a moat of white hot embers. This is
around 800-1000 degrees and one must watch with
a "cats eye" so as not to burn them. The pans are
covered with aluminum foil and take approximately
15-18 minutes, then the foil is removed and the hot fire
literally forms an instant crust around the outside the
seals in the silky, unctuous flavor, only to be put under
the knife of the crafty "keeper of the flame". Here are some
shots of the process and final product. In closing, to each
his or her own,and if you choose to not serve this time evolved treat, and feel it not to be of wise choice, I appreciate that and respect you. But until our wonderful politicians make it
a law, one way or the other, leave us alone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It amazes me the uproar foie gras causes. What a waste of breath. If I once heard the same person make the same fuss over the conditions chickens are kept in, beaks cut off, 5 to a cage, living in their own filth, or the egg layers that most likely bleed to death after laying their weak uterus with an egg. These same people probably bitch when chicken breasts cost more than 4 dollars a pound. If this attention was given to all aspects of edible animal treatment, then I might have a minute to hear their obnoxious whining. It's just a chic oppinion to have right now. No one will give a damn next year, just like no one cared the year before.

How long ago were they hollering about veal?

Your treatment of Foie Gras is a true tribute.

12:41:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

thanks anonymous....I so agree. The chickens, the veal, the caviar. As I indicated, I agree with control and sustaining products, but too much is just that. It is so hypocritical when those same persons wear leather shoes, fur coats, lipstick, etc. Keep eating! cuisinier...

10:46:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

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10:47:00 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Hi cuisinier... my email is DanaBickford@gmail.com. I have some instructional stuff about how to make a banner i can send you if you like. It's pretty easy. You will also start to get a lot of blog spam in the comment section that gets annoying. There is a "word recognition" you can turn on to stop them.

This treatment of foie is outstanding. I love the primal use of a living ellement in the deep heart of an inferno. Awesome.

7:37:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

hi dana, thanks for the info. i will email to get the details. Cooking the foie over the fire is definitely a cool way to showcase the natural and wonderful flavor of this ingredient. The fire forces one to become very in tune with the elements and the food. There is really no room for error margin. You must guage the heat and then use your instincts. If it works it is awesome, if not, it is a total loss. Try it next time you ahve a nice fire going this spring or summer. cuisiner

5:10:00 PM  

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