A Tasting for StarChefs.Com...

Just prior to the big feast day(Thanksgiving)...I had been in contact with Heather Sperling & Antoinette Bruno from StarChefs.Com about a trip they were making to Seattle to "taste" a plethora of the local chef's food for their on-line editorial magazine. I was to be so honored to be a part of it. I say that because as a chef in the "private sector"(club), one does not get that much media publicity or even an opportunity to be interviewed or covered as their readers can not then reciprocate that experience that they just read about. It used to bother me a lot when I first started working there, but as the years have gone by and the amount of outreach, community involvement, marketing and public appearances I have done, and...from the amount of high profile public that have graced us with their presence inside the club, I have no worries at all. We cook good food period! StarChefs.Com covers chefs and restaurants all over the nation, and from all types of establishments. They have dined with the best, the elite, the top of the crop. Daniel...the Laundry & Per Se...Le Bernardin...Alinea...you get the idea. Their site offers readers with not only the reviews and photos of their travels, but interviews, thoughts from those leaders of the industry, articles on local trends, issues and recipes amongst others. It seemed as though the visit from StarChefs.Com was to be a very quick "in and out" experience as they had many to taste, little time to do so, and a minimalistic appetite in spite of all the food they were ingesting. So...what to do? I knew that there were so many things I wanted to cook for them, and yet, not enough time for the dishes in mind. I would later be informed(cordially and professionally mind you) that some of the combinations were too much, in that there were too many flavors on one plate. I have known that potential about my cooking for a while, yet I feel it not present in most cases. I simply was trying to expose the two ladies to as much of what we do as possible, without creating multiple dishes, which I knew was not desired. It was mistook as everything on one plate was meant to be paired together, which is was not, and yet, I feel they went well as one if you must. Feedback, constructive criticism and commentary is good for a chef, and one that can (and will) listen to it objectively, will typically reap many good benefits and insight about his or her cooking. I am no different and I too shall prosper. Still, in the end, I feel the dishes to be strong and tasty. As with anything, it is an opinion...for good or for worse. Go with it...learn from it...think and contemplate it...or discard it...no matter which one decides, keep asking yourself; "is it as good as it can be"? And if not(mostly) keep pushing forward. Here are a few of the shots I was able to snap off during the plate up...
Frozen Foie Gras Lollipops, Caramel, Fleur de Sel
Maine Lobster Salad en Oeuf, Lobster, Avocado, Mango, Caviar, Yuzu Sabayon
"Flamed" Toro of Hamachi, Togarashi, Citrus-Watermelon Radish Composure, Micro Mustard
Seared Foie Gras Tart, Onion-Fig Compote, Vadouvan Bananas, Pedro Ximenez

Spiced Duck Breast & Skate Wing
Carrot Puree, Rice Beans, Chanterelles, Truffles, Squash & Mosto Cotto Jus

Coffee Crusted Lamb Loin, Celery Root, Crosne-Persimmon-Orange Cauliflower "Salpicon"
Matsutakes, Corn Pancake and Douglas Fir Jus
Valrhona Manjari with Caramel, Pistachio & Espresso Flavors
Quince, Pumpkin Tapenade, Olive Oil Gelato, Hazelnut Macaroon


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