A New Bite...

as we have just re-opened after a small hiatus, we find ourselves getting back together mentally and trying to cope with some challenging realities of the bitter economic climate, so we started off with our first chef's table, and subsequently, a new dish. Nothing ground breaking mind you...nothing crazy and full of products that one can barely pronounce, (those are being worked on) and nothing short of damn tasty. We decided to go a much more simplistic route for this one. Quite a bit out of context and form for me. As luck would have it, we were very busy with multiple tastings happening so I only got one shot off with my new camera. I wanted to take advantage of an ingredient that we found our larders to be in excess of(can there be such a thing?)~ enter the black truffle! It is a dish that fit the occasion and weather so well. It was a small glass of wild mushroom-truffle consomme, fortified with white truffle oil, shallots and grated truffles. It sat beautifully with an adornment of a single spoon; resting on top holding a gorgeous tortellini filled with a mixture of foie gras, tapioca, truffles, mushrooms and herbs. We cooked it slowly in hot water and then tossed it gently with shallots, chervil, truffles, butter and truffle oil. Awesome to say the least. Some of the other highlights of the meal were as follows

Maine Lobster "Beggars Pouch" with Golden Caviar Creme Fraiche
House Cured Bresola & Sardines
with Arugula, Dauro de L'Emporda Olive Oil, Pecorino Air and Mosto Cotto
"The Soup"
Seared Diver Scallop & Braised Pork Belly
Parsnip Jam, Smoked Paprika Streusel, and a Lentil-Matsutake Cuisson-Bacon Fat Vinaigrette
Blood Orange-Chai Sorbet, Fennel and Kumquat Intermezzo
"Three Ducks in a Row"
Rhubarb Glazed Moularde Breast, Seared Foie Gras, House Cured Prosciutto
with Quinoa, Roasted Cipolline Onions, Organic Baby Carrots, Preserved Rhubarb
and a Port & Cardamom Essence
Tastes of Chocolate, Pear, Lemon and Orange
Blackberry Pates de Fruits, Honey-Date-Orange Palmiers, Earl Grey Chocolates


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