very presidential...

it is not often that i choose to write about something non-culinary, but this was an experience that i felt warranted the visit. And even if it did revolve around food, as that was at least one purpose, albeit not the only, nor the main one, we all enjoyed the experience. It starts off with a notion that someone of "high-profile" is coming to our establishment. Some days in advance, secret service, bomb sniffing dogs, sniper experts and the like start to snoop around, looking for means of destruction to a political figure. In this case, it was two! Imagine that...two different high-risk, high-profile dignitaries gracing our humble abode on the same day, at the same time with no correlation between the two?!? First, we welcome "Presidente" Vicente Fox, from Mexico. In town for about only a day, but we were one of the main attractions. A special luncheon for about 210 guests and media to hear the man speak. What then you ask??? He actually wants to come back to the kitchen to meet the kitchen staff! As we all lined up, he entered my kingdom. As executive chef, I was hardly comparing myself to him, yet I have felt like it at times. He stood there in the center of the kitchen, standing tall and proud, and well...Presidential, speaking for at least 5 minutes or more to all of us, just as he would to a group of foreign leaders. He then stood beside us to pose for an extensive photoshoot and then individual handshakes, of which, one of them was my own. That was the second President to have made my acquaintance. All the while, we had past President; Jimmy Carter in for a luncheon fundraiser for his son, who is running for a governmental position in Nevada. This was a little more laid back, but not-at-all any less exciting. He came up to meet President Fox and everyone went crazy. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to meet him, as by the time Mr. Fox had departed, Jimmy had skated to catch a Mariner's game! He did come back that evening for another fundraiser dinner however, yet it was quite low key, and as always....he was late! All in all, it made for a "tre-cool" week. The only real bummer that occurred from a food perspective, is that unlike our visit from President Clinton, we did not get to choose the menu, so it was not anything to write home about, and thus, not anything to write in my blog about. Until next time...in good food and cooking!


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