Early One Winter...

scrambled eggs, lobster, truffles, creme fraiche

riesling poached kusshi oysters, american sturgeon caviar, hearts of palm,
cara cara orange brulee, fennel, citrus reduction, crisp potato

scallop, foie gras, lentils, duck tongues, braised romaine lettuce
honshimejii, balsamic reduction

grilled arctic char & pan roasted squab
artichokes, hedgehog mushrooms, salsify, crispy farro
cassis sauce, carrot butter

tangerine ice, blood orange curd, fizzy, pink peppercorn

slow braised veal cheeks, crispy polenta, black trumpet
glazed roots, winter spinach, walnut potatoes, chestnut "bordelaise"

jasmine custard, pears, pear sorbet

almond frangipane, quince, orange-caramel ice cream
honey chocolate bar, poached apricot sandwich, smoked chocolate sorbet
bacon-butterscotch milkshake, coconut palm sugar

Our first chefs table of the month...granted, we were closed for the whole beginning of it, but hey, who's counting!?! We had several planned, but to no avail due to the snow storm. It felt good to come in and cook. I have been missing that sumptn' fierce. And so it was...the snow laid ground gave way to new birth of winter and this is what we conjured up for this cool table of cooking in the moment with the senses amongst the seasonal ingredients and so full of passion...


Snow Day 2012...

It seems like I have not posted forever. I feel like I am failing at my responsibilities...my duties...my peeps' expectations! Oh god...what to do. My life has been a bit crazy, a bit relaxed, a bit melancholy at times throughout the holidays. I had been off work for a bit while we were closed for some winter maintenance. Cool times for sure(think pizza, movies and fun...not a lot of cooking unfortunately). As we are now corralled by snow in beautiful Seattle in the NW...it gives me time to reflect, to think, to contemplate and to revive my thoughts as we venture into the new...enter 2012! The vision of snow creates thoughts of playtime, fun, cold followed by hot cocoa, sipping a nice cappuccino, slow braises, hearty roasts and toasty fun flavors to savor...I really do love the winter. I think it challenges us as cooks and chefs to our maximum potential as there are slim pickins' when it comes to ingredients. There is not the plethora of the bounty like spring and summer. Even fall has a wealth of foodstuffs. Winter is baren...dead...done...not yet awaken to be revived into spring...nuts, citrus, dried preserves, root stocks and the like. Meats, minimal wild fish, cruciferous and dry staples...bring it on. Test the imagination. Prod the thought unknown. Tease the senses with what could be possible. Create! Until I get back into the kitchen...I leave you with this shot of the moment...white, wintery and wild!


Duck & Foie Gras...

Nothing out of the ordinary...nothing obscure...nothing breaking creative culinary landscapes here...just good, solid flavors, sound technique and tasty bites! Enjoy the imagination of taste and flavor...


Cooking as Celebration...

On this day...my late, great mother was brought into this world 82 years ago. She left us almost 20 years ago. Too soon...too sad...too unfortunate. She helped many. She inspired hundreds and touched thousands through her outreach and work to help others. Most importantly(to me)...she helped and inspired me. Her only son. A punk, a little shit, a hellion who she loved. She always, always showed me, way beyond what I thought was possible. She always put me before herself...and now being a father...I know what that is all about. I am ever so grateful. She taught me so much and gave so much of herself that it has crafted the man who I am today. Some may say she either taught me wrongly or maybe that I didn't pay attention, but all the good in me is from her. I will probably never fully realize what she did for me or the impact she has had until much later in life. I only hope that I could perhaps someday live up to at least half of what she was as a person. All that I am or hope to be I owe to her. She was my world. She taught me to love and respect food...respect people...respect life, nature and the world. I do. I became passionate about food and cooking as that was her love as well. Although not a chef, she was an excellent cook! She inspired me beyond belief. She helped me get into cooking school. Made it possible for me to continue to explore and research, develop my craft, experience a dream, and follow my heart. I always loved and looked forward to have her come visit me at each of the places I worked, to dine and show everyone how proud she was of her only son. Thank you mom. I would never be the person I am without you. The chef who I am today is based on the foundation of what you taught me over the years. She taught me about something else that is even more important than my cooking...and that is the importance of loving and caring for your child. Letting them know that they are cherished, respected and held high on a parents pedestal. Having that, it enabled me to be confident and succeed in life and hopefully be a good parent. It gave me the much needed guidance in trying to raise my own boys. I can only be so fortunate. So, it is in recognition of this special day, that I wish you a happy birthday, and am knowing that you are in a peaceful place watching over us, continuing to give guidance, inspiration and your spiritual presence. God bless.